Wednesday, December 25, 2013

60 Photos to remind you how beautiful Syria is

Syria; the cradle of civilization has played a core role in the history and development of civilized man. It has been a great crossroad for trade between the Mediterranean and the East; it exported the Alphabet to the West and has been linked to Religion from the beginning, from the Semitic Deities to the monotheistic faiths.

The country is not the same anymore! Most of it’s infrastructure has been destroyed and many historical places either bombed or looted.

We still hope that one day we will be able to build it up just like what we -Syrians- did for thousands of years, as Syria was and still a conflict center for thousands of years because of it’s location and because of it’s rich historic place in the world.

Below are 60 photos from my own gallery that will remind you how beautiful Syria is/was. I couldn't include all cities and all important locations because I discovered that even though I have lived in Syria for 32 years, unfortunately I did not have the chance to travel to every corner in this beautiful land.

DamascusScenes from the old city of Damascus. Top: A view from the top of the old city and it’s surroundings. From Left: Hamideah Bazaar, Craftsman, Barber, Bazourieh Market, Nofara Cafe.

Umayyad MosqueUmayyad Mosque

Umayyad Mosque at night
Umayyad Mosque at night

John The Babtist - مقام نبي الله يحيى
On the right of the picture is the tomb of the prophet (Yahya) John the Baptist.

Umayyad MosqueInside Umayyad Mosque

Top: A view of Damascus at sunrise from Qasioun Mountain
Bottom: A group of young boys watching the sunrise at the same time of the top photo.

Top: A panoramic view of Damascus with Qasioun Mountain in the background.
Bottom: A panoramic view taken from Al Hijaz train station.

Sweet & Spice shop in Bazourieh

Saint Ananias Church Strait Street
Saint Ananias Church on Strait Street in the old city of Damascus.

Outside Umayyad Mosque

Umayyad Square
A view from Qasioun mountain of Umayyad Square in Damascus.

8KM West Damascus on the way to Zabadani.

Barada Spring
Barada Spring on Friday, the smoke is actually coming out of barbecue grills.

Zabadani Valley on a snowy day.

Zabadani mountain during a snow storm.

Top: Bloudan. Bottom: Zabadani Valley and Mountain.

Harmon Mountain
Harmon Mountain.

Deir Mar Musa
Deir Mar Musa in Al Nabek, Damascus Countryside.

Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Mosque in Homs
Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Mosque in Homs

Crack De Chevalier
Crack De Chevalier

Sheeps Near Crack De Chevalier

Homs Mountains in spring.

Homs Mountains in spring, Crack De Chevalier can be seen in the far on the top of the mountain.

Aleppo Citadel
Top: Aleppo Citadel from the outside. Bottom: A view of the Citadel from the inside.

A view of Aleppo from it’s citadel.

A merchant showing his products to a foreign couples The old market in Aleppo.

Church of Saint Simeon Stylites
Church of Saint Simeon Stylites

Syrian Pyramid Dead Cities
A Syrian Pyramid in the dead cities area in Idleb, north Syria.

Bosra theater and it’s surrounding.

Apamea, Hama

Top: Palmyra Victory Arch. Bottom: A view of Palmyra’s ruins.

Top: Another view of Palmyra’s ruins. Bottom: Palmyra Roman Theater.

Salah Ed-Din (Saladin) Citadel in Lattakia
Salah Ed-Din (Saladin) Citadel in Lattakia

The Syrian Coast Mountains.

Samra Beach Mediterranean
Samra Beach, the Syrian most beautiful water.

Top: The old port of Tartous.
Bottom Left: Fishermen on the shores of Arwad island in Tartous. Middle: Boat under construction in the port of Arwad Island. Right: The fishermen port in Arwad.

Update: Dec 31, 2013
I decided to add the below video as it has more photos from Syria with a smooth background music.


  1. So beautiful! I wish for nothing but peace for all Syrians!

  2. Subhanallah..Syria,what a beautiful place..the blessed land of God!!!

  3. Ya Allah. .that is beautiful country. .pls give back they memories. .It's really beautiful country...

  4. Thank you Emad for telling about our beautiful country, and wish we see each other again

  5. Thank you Emad

  6. Maha allah.. after looking at the pics, it reminded me on my homeland kashmir,

  7. Docela rád bych se tam podíval..

  8. And the only women visible in the pictures are foreigners. I wonder why...

    1. 1- Most of those photos are landscapes. Therefor there is only few people in those photos.
      2- Most of those places are touristic places which has more tourists than locals.
      3- The women feeding the pigeons are Syrian women.

  9. Syria was my home for 3y....and it was a home in it's hole meaning...the warmth of the people, glorious streets I walked upon, great times i had...non of that will ever be forgoten...been there all over, from the great Sham to the Palmyra deserts, lived there full life and was shor of nothing....that is how great Syria was and mostly because of the people i met there, places I've been, food i tasted...take care my good people and heart is with U forever!!!! Love,L

  10. As someone who was lucky enough to visit Syria twice, I thank you for this post. We loved that country, and it breaks my heart to see the people and the country destroyed this way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Yep. Because the beauty of Syria is only in Damascus and a couple of other cities. Right?