Friday, June 28, 2013

Couchsurfing | The First Encounter

Have you ever heard about "Couchsurfing"?

Couchsurfing New Logo
The first time I heard about the term was back in August 2008. Back then, I was working at the American School (Damascus Community School) in Damascus. One day I was talking to my friend Bilal about my travel plans for the summer of 2009. I told him I was thinking about traveling around Europe jumping from one city to another.

My original plan was to land in Vilinus, Lithuania.
Why Vilinus? Because I had a friend who want to visit & it was announced as the European Capital of Culture for 2009.
Then start moving on the ground by trains and buses passing by 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Introducing The Virtual Travelers

Emad Al Sagheer | The Virtual Traveler | Palmyra | Syria
October 2010, Palmyra, Syria

Are you curious about the world around you?
Do you dream about traveling around the world?

I have been dreaming about leaving my nest and travel around the world for years.

I think most of us dream about such journey at some age. Only a few of those dreamers get to realize the dream.
I have been always amazed by the brave ones, those who leaves everything behind in their 20’s (which are few) and start the exploration journey, seeking to have a real life experiences before they commit to their universities and get busy holding on to a career.

The rest of us, we keep pushing and rescheduling, hoping that one day we will get the courage, the time & the budget to finally realize this dream. Some are lucky to start their exploration while they are in their 30’s while they are still young enough for most of the activities included within this journey.
Not to forget the seniors who catch up with their dream while in their 50’s or 60’s.
I’ve seen many of them around my home city, but most of them usually looks for a luxuries short trips to the world ancient cities.